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Francesca Kelly in India is known as "Ghorawali"- "she who rides horses."Her particular love for the Marwari has helped bring this relatively unknown breed out of near extinction into the dawn of international recognition. She has also been the force behind the making the Marwari Horse Breed Standards.  Francesca has for the first time in India Choreographed a sound and light show title "Nritya aur Ashwa" - Dancing with horses.

Dale Durfee is an American living in London. Scooping the Polaroid European finalist art award, jump started an extremely rewarding career in advertising, but her hearts work lies in free spirited and passionate approach to nudes, travel and horse photography.

Thel book is available in India and through select sources in the UK and the USA. You may order it direct from Francesca's website.

Purchase price including postage is US $ 125.

most beautiful book I have ever owned.  Everyone that see's it wants to take it home'. - Tatiana Frazzica




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