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Marwari - War Horse of the Mahārāja is a website for all Marwari horse fans.  This website was built to promote the upcoming documentary, Marwari - War Horse of the Mahārāja.  Whilst we want to share information and make contact with people that are interested in Marwari horses,  we have some guidelines we wish all our members follow.  We want you all to enjoy the site and to keep it a fun, constructive and supportive place of Bonnie & Francesca's work, we ask that you read the information below. 



It is not compulsory to become a member to use this site.  Membership is open to all Marwari horse fans.  You can still view most pages on this website without becoming a member.  If you choose to become a member we welcome you.  Please remember to adjust your settings under your 'My Page'. 



We ask that you keep all photos and videos that you load to the site as Marwari content only.  This excludes your specific member photo of yourself or your horse.  If you have something that is directly relevant to the Marwari horses by all means tell everyone about it.  Advertisements and promotions that are not relevant will be deleted and members banned.


Featured Members

If you are choosen as a featured member, congratulations.  You have been choosen by the adminstrators of this website because you add value and knowledge on all things Marwari.  Featured members content will be featured on the website and their content will appear on the home page for all to see.  If you become a featured member please note that you may be contacted by other members.  We ask that you update your privacy settings under the 'Settings' link on you page.  Please also adjust your email notifications and all settings under the 'Settings' link. Featured members are our VIP's on all things Marwari and the documentary.


Member Pages

We ask that all members adjust the settings on their 'My Page' link.  Please log in and use the 'Settings' link on the top right box of the page.  Please familiarize yourself with all the settings including email notifications from the site.


Photos & Video

In regards to photos and video content we will closely monitor this and only high quality Marwari horse photos will be accepted. The same in regards to video.  As you can imagine everyone wants to feature their horses on the site.  The only exclusion to this rule is your own member photo.  All irrelevant photos and video will be deleted.



Please also note that content is owned by multiple stake holders.  It is not okay to copy a photo and re-publish it.  All photos and videos on this site are approved by their copyright holders.  Any enquirers to photos and videos need to be directed to the email below.



Spam is posting the same message over and over again on the site.  NO SPAM.  If you are posting spam you will be deleted and banned from the site.  Please report any spam you find on the site to the email below.


Any harassment of members including insults and constant posting of negative comments will result in your membership being deleted and banned.  If someone or something has upset you please send us an email and we will address the situation.  If someone does not respond to you please do not continue to contact them as this will result in your suspension from the network.


Terms of Service

Please also read the terms of service.  This website is run in conjunction with third party software.  Occasionally you will be banned automatically due to the software in this website.  If you feel you have been banned unfairly please email us on the email below. 


This website is the property of Frazzica Productions Pty Ltd a private company based in Melbourne, Australia.  Please note this website may change ownership in the future.  Whilst we guarantee that we will not use your personal information including your email to sell to marketing companies we can not guarantee that in the future.  This website is part of the package that is the Marwari - War Horse of the Mahārāja documentary movie and this may change ownership in the future.  All members will be advised if there are any changes to ownership in the future.  Please enjoy the site and the beautiful Marwari horse.


All materials photos, information, blogs, videos are copyright to FRAZZICA PRODUCTIONS PTY LTD & third party rights holders.  No materials are to be used from this website without written consent from Frazzica Productions. 


All enquires are to be directed to the WEBMASTER at:

Marwari - War Horse of the Mahārāja, Copyright 2011 Frazzica Productions Pty Ltd

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